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Jonny Gould

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I've been lucky enough to hear Jonny speak and he delivered an absolutely rip-roaring tour de force - funny, serious, totally on it. Not many broadcasters started in Hollywood; Jonny is the genuine item and will engage any audience.
Jeremy Vine - Journalist and Presenter

They say money talks; well he must be made of it, as he never stops! Fortunately, it’s also made him a perfect host for numerous shows, making studio guests feel comfortable, confident and able to give their best when the cameras are on. A master at work.
Matt Woodall, ESPN

Jonny Gould is not only one of the most confident and professional presenters/voice over artistes I have worked with, he is a gentleman. He is a genuine enthusiast about everything he does and I have thoroughly enjoyed working with him.
Mark Robson, Executive Producer, Sky Poker

It is always fun working with Jonny - he conducts all of his duties with charm, humour and professionalism.
Clive Lawrence, Executive Producer, Poker 425" and Poker Week.

Working with Jonny is always a pleasure, he brings so much energy, enthusiasm and professionalism to Telegraph TV. He's joy to work with and I hope our collaboration lasts for many years to come.
Guy Ruddle, Editor, Telegraph TV & Talk