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Jonny Gould

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Bloody hilarious!
Ray Winstone, Actor

Amazing and genuinely very funny: acerbic, very quick on his feet – he’s fantastic.
Daniel Radcliffe

A virtuoso performance!
Sir David Frost

You are fantastic. Truly.
Bruce Forsyth

"You are my hero"
Chris Tarrant

Peerless auctioneer Jonny Gould could even sell your grandmother for a fantastic price. I shall miss mine.
Sir Tim Rice

Jonny is a brilliant, dangerous, hilarious auctioneer. I have never before seen an audience so sad when an auction was over, they so enjoyed watching his auction. Somehow he manages to walk a precarious tight-rope between being very naughty and extremely nice without ever falling off. No wonder he raises remarkable sums of money for charity.
Esther Rantzen

You rocked the house! These are clearly tough economic times and the value (literally) of having an experienced raconteur there to push up the bids was plain to see. I look forward to the next thing that we can work on together.
Steve Copestake, Senior Vice President, Marketing, International Disney - ABC - ESPN Television.

Jonny Gould’s extremely quick wit and ability to make everyone enjoy themselves, whilst raising enormous amounts of money for charity, is an amazing skill. I would not hesitate to book him again.
Rona Martin, Senior Head of Special Projects, The Prince’s Trust

You might as well hand over your wallet and the keys to your car; he's going to take them anyway! Jonny is a top bloke and simply the best auctioneer ever!
Mark Mitchinson - VP, Mobile, Samsung Electronics

Jonny Gould has taken the art of the auctioneer to another level. He’s a brilliant addition to any event.
Richard Bevan, Chief Executive – The League Managers Association

Jonny has been the preferred auctioneer for my charity, The Steve Redgrave Trust, for over 6 years and helped towards my goal of raising £5 million for children causes over five years. His auctions are always a great experience; very entertaining and a fantastic spectacle. It’s always difficult to keep the whole room entertained when the auction is taking place, but Jonny manages to do this making it an entertainment in its own right and at the same time he has the knack of raising huge amounts of money for a wide range of charities.

I would recommend Jonny to be auctioneer at any charitable event – you won’t be disappointed.
Sir Steve Redgrave, Five times Olympic Gold Medallist

Jonny does an excellent job as an auctioneer. In a time of such economic downturn it shows amazing ability to be able to draw the figure he did from our crowd at our recent event. His passion for both the event and the work of Marie Curie Cancer Care really showed on the evening and not only made the auction a success but the event as a whole.
Josie Beevers, Marie Curie Cancer Care

I've seen Jonny auctioneer many many times also recently booked him for The Dallaglio Foundation Christmas Lunch. I would whole-heartedly recommend him time and time again as his ability to raise crucial funds whilst providing tremendous entertainment for everyone in the room is second to none. There is no better auctioneer on the circuit.
Lawrence Dallaglio, 2003 Rugby World Cup Champion

I have hosted many a corporate event, but never have I come across such a fantastic auctioneer with combination of skill and piercing humour as Jonny Gould.
Natasha Kaplinsky, Newsreader and TV Presenter

Jonny Gould is everything you want in an auctioneer – energetic, funny, engaging, and totally committed to inspiring his audience to support your cause.
Beth Nicholls, UNICEF UK

Jonny Gould Rocks - end of story! The finest auctioneer in the land and a simply brilliant MC. Guaranteed to add value to your event with his good humour and pick pocketing tongue. A bloody delight to work with.
Will Greenwood, Sky Sports presenter and 2003 Rugby World Cup winner

I've been lucky enough to hear Jonny speak and he delivered an absolutely rip-roaring tour de force - funny, serious, totally on it. Not many broadcasters started in Hollywood; Jonny is the genuine item and will engage any audience.
Jeremy Vine, Journalist and Presenter

Jonny was awesome. Another exuberant, energetic, passion fuelled performance! He's not just the best auctioneer in the world, he's part of the entertainment on the night too!"
Ashley Reading, Fortress Wealth

Gouldy is without doubt the most entertaining and humorous auctioneer I have seen. A top class cabaret act on his own.
Alec Stewart, ex England Cricketer and Director of Arundel Promotions

Everytime I see Jonny Gould host an auction he is awesome. His enthusiasm and wit captures the audience and is hugely entertaining whether you are bidding or not."
Mike Catt - 2003 Rugby World Cup Champion.

The whole Jonny Gould experience was amazing - he was the most talked about man on the trading floors in the City following our event. He was both charming and entertaining and he expertly played the characters in the room off against each other and extracted every penny available in the nicest possible way. For those not involved in the bidding he was a delight to watch and so many of us are still chuckling at his risqué lines. Worth absolutely every penny.
Jane Langley, Trustee, Anorexia & Bulimia Care

I have used Jonny as the auctioneer for the last two Saracens RFC Awards Dinner where he has not only exceeded our expectations on the auction but also provided entertainment for our audience. As an event manager, I go to a lot of events where the auction can exclude those unable to bid yet Jonny keeps everyone entertained as he raises money for the club and its benefactors.
Clare Jackson, Saracens Hospitality & Events Manager

There simply is no better charity auctioneer on the planet!'
Nick Ponting, Managing Director Ginger Fox Ltd

I have worked with Jonny on a few dozen shows and, even though I am the funny one, I always look forward to seeing his name on the bill: he is a born entertainer.
When will people realise that auctions can kill an event for everyone except a few drunk rich people? By contrast, Jonny makes sure the whole room gets involved by using a combination of wit and rudeness. Mostly rudeness. Makes the guys from Sotheby's and the rest look like what they are - professionals in the wrong room.
This cost Jonny five hundred quid by the way...
Matt Lorenzo, Sky Sports Presenter and ex-GMTV