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Jonny Gould

September 2012

PRESS RELEASE: World Baseball Classic Qualifier: Final Countdown London 20 August, 2012

GB gear for the WBC Qualifier:

Authentic cap worn on-field during the 2013 World Baseball Classic games

For those of you who want to follow Great Britain as they compete in the European Baseball Championships...check out:

The tournament starts today (GB plays France).

June 2012

For those who didn't see it, the Futures Game rosters are out and the first ever British-born player is on the World Roster. His name is Chris Reed and while he grew up in the's hoping he represents well and that he plays for GB down the line!
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Thank God this era is over.
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May 2012

Catch for the ages: Derrick Salberg gains instant fame with one giant leap over an outfield fence
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March 2012

"Fellow Baseball Nuts check out this story. When I was presenting baseball on 5 back in the late 1990's there was talk of MLB coming to London for a regular season game to be played at the Oval (the home of Surrey CCC). It never happened because the dimensions weren't right - but could the 2012 Olympic Stadium provide the solution.
Keep your fingers crossed."
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February 2012

"Good Morning fellow baseball-nuts.

The Boys of Summer are back!

Spring Training is now in full swing and it's just over a month to the Japanese start to the regular season. I still can't quite get my head round the idea of Major League Baseball kicking off the 2012 show with a Seattle/Oakland Series. But then the Mariners have a few youngsters coming through that have future superstar potential, and I will always be willing to pay good money to watch Ichiro in action in the land of his fathers!

So what of the season ahead? Can us Braves and Bosox fans endure another September blowout? Will the Yankees yet again confirm their status as post-season chokers? Can the Angels's season live up to the expectation of their huge financial outlay pre-season? Is Albert past it? Will Erik the Producer break his hot-dog eating record? All questions in need of answers -none of which I have.

So to kick the pre-season off in style, check out the link below for some great UK baseball insights from my mate Callum. (You don't expect me to do my own research surely!)

Let's play ball guys!

Cwwmonnn the Braves!!!!

Keep it Hardcore guys."

In loving memory of a true champ and one of the nicest guys in all sport.